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Online Payment Service

Pricing for On-Site Loading and Storage at Rt. 8 includes:

1. Round trip delivery/pickup is based on your location $100 to $1000 + tax,

2. A Security Deposit of one month's rent = $150 (no tax), and

3. Monthly rent at $150.00 + tax = $159/month.

Regular monthly charges thereafter are just $159.

Please Note: Rt 8 Storage is not a long distance moving company. We can only provide for regional moves within 100 miles of your original container location.

We deliver right to your door; you lock your container and keep the key.
Take as long as you wish to load it, then call our office at 814-677-5515 to schedule a pickup. Store your container with us as long as you like. Please complete the quote request below, and we'll call at your earliest convenience.

Yes, I would like a Rt. 8 Storage container delivered to my site. I'll load it, and call to store it at Rt. 8 Storage:
Do I have to be there for delivery?

Yes, someone over 18 years old should be present whenever possible. Rt. 8 Storage delivers 7 days a week to accommodate your schedule. Our deliveries and pick-ups may occur any time after 7:00 am. Please remember that the customer is responsible for ensuring adequate clearance and accessibility for the desired location of the container.

I can be there to meet the driver:
Once the container is loaded:
Please check other needs and/or concerns you may have about your move.